Friday, January 8, 2010

Knotted Wax Linen Workshop

I get asked a lot about my knotted baskets and how someone can learn how to create them. Unfortunately there isn't a book that describes the process (I also get asked to write a book all the time too) and classes/workshops are almost nonexistent. But, I am glad to pass along a workshop I recently ran across being offered July 26-30, 2010, by fiber artist Norman Sherfield at Sierra Nevada College. I am not familiar with this instructor, but I am sure it would be a fun and informative class.

I received a note from Mr. Sherfield (see comments to this post) and he passed on a link to his website. He also has a flickr account with more images of his work.


  1. Hi, I thought I would add some info about myself. I also have taken a number of classes with Jane Sauer and learned a lot from her. I have a website which shows some of my work. I use found objects and stones and twigs in my work. I have been knotting for more than 20 years and am really looking forward to this class. I have taught before for the Midwest Guild with Judy Dominic. You can email me at 84rooms at gmail dot com if you have any questions. Norman

  2. Norman,

    Thanks for the info. I wish I could take the workshop, I have only taken one class with Jane Sauer and that was way back in the early 80's. While I have made a number of knotted pieces I am limited to the basics we learned in class (it was primarily a design workshop not just knotting) and the little I have taught myself.