Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Cards

For the last quite a few years I have been making my own greeting cards. I now make them for Valentine's Day, Halloween, Thank Yous, Birthdays and of course Christmas. Some years the designs get quite elaborate and end up taking way longer than I thought they would and I am sure longer than the recipients realize. A couple of years ago I decided to do a basket related Christmas card. The year before I had some custom stamps made at Village Impressions of some of my baskets and they turned out so well I made a few more and decided to do some of a basket full of different items, like pine cones, holly leaves and apples (though I screwed up and didn't get the apples made). I wasn't sure what the reaction to the relatively simple (and fast to make) cards featuring a basket of holly leaves would be, since most of my friends are non-basket weavers. Well everyone ended up absolutely loving them. Since it has been a few years I need to come up with a new basket design.

This year's cards are of a snowman (store bought stamp) and I will have to post about it later. I am about finished making them and definitely need to start getting them addressed! I have been home sick the last couple of days with a sinus infection and since sitting up seems to be the most comfortable position to be in I have gotten a few things accomplished. Since I am such a worry wart I have even gotten some Work work done too. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be back to 100%. I have a feeling that the hysteria of Christmas shopping yet completed is about to strike. I can't afford another day of being stuck in the house.


  1. The basket card is really beautiful. What a great idea to have stamps made. Have you seen the basket stamps from River City Rubber Works? They're cute too.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I am always searching for basket stamps. I now have about a dozen different stamps made from my own baskets, Shaker, Nantucket and Appalachian. Stamping is just way too addictive though. I spend too much money on it, but I try to justify it by selling cards. Unfortunately I make about nothing on the cards they take so much time. It is fun though.

  3. What a great idea... so never crossed my mind....
    thanks for sharing..