Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Getting Ready for John C. Campbell

I am getting ready to head down to the John C. Campbell Folk School and another exciting class with JoAnn Kelly Catsos. This time we are going to be processing our own ash splint for our baskets. I have done a little of this, but never enough for an entire basket. I am bringing two of my own molds so am making my own handles and rims. It has been awhile since I bent my own stock so I had to get my bending station set back up in the basement. Once I get everything set up I usually bend a bunch of stuff up, so I am making a few extra sets to have on hand.
Here are the rims and handles bent around the jigs I especially made for this basket. This is going to be a swing handle so I still need to make the ears.

I will take more photos while I am at the folk school and post those when I get back so you can see how everything turned out. This is the first time I have gone to the Folk School when it wasn't in the middle of winter so I am excited to see the mountains in bloom.


  1. Have a great time. Someday I'm going to attend classes there - I just have to get the kids grown up and gone! I certainly don't want to rush this part of my life, but I always drool over the catalog from John C Campbell. Can't wait to see what you weave up. I love to split ash - there's just something about the feel. ~Ann

  2. Ann,

    If you do ever get a chance, definitely go to the Folk School. It is such a great place. This will be my fourth time there.