Sunday, August 15, 2010

Peggie Wilcox Class

This year at the Missouri Basketweavers Guild convention, Weaving MO Madness, I was fortunate enough to take a class on the last day with Peggie Wilcox (pictured above). Peggie works with all kinds of natural fibers, many of which she collects and processes herself, including cedar, Siberian iris leaves and madden head fern. While I used to twine quite a bit when I first started basket weaving, I haven't in quite a while and I really hadn't used materials like these.

The cedar uprights were so interesting to work with. They were surprisingly strong and supple. We split the 4" long Siberian iris leaves in two with a needle and used those to do the twining and three-rod wale.

My favorite part of this basket is the star-shaped or "mad weave" start. I will definitely have to try that again on some project.
The finished basket is about 3" in diameter and 1" deep. I didn't do as nice of a job on the rim as I would like to have. It is a bit wavy. I could have pulled it much much tighter as the cedar bark is very strong. The black band around the middle is maidenhead fern (or possibly maidenhair fern).


  1. Hello,
    This is a really pretty little basket. The black band is Maidenhair fern. Lovely shape too.
    Ralph Simpson
    basket maker in Eastern Canada

  2. Hi :) I am soooo wanting to know how you started that base, It is a very beautiful pattern. I am a beginning basket weaver. I have been weaving and learning for about a year and a half. I gather my own materials and really love working with Cedar. It has quickly become one of my favorites. Please share this technique or link me to a tutorial please please please. Also I have looked at your blog and facebook page, you are a very talented artist/ basket weaver and I do love your work. Thank you for sharing this blog and other resources for weavers.