Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2010 JoAnn Kelly Catsos Worshop

Wow, I can't believe JoAnn's workshop was already a few weeks ago? October has just flown by and I have been sooooooo bad about updating my blog.

Well I finally got some photos from class up on my JASkets facebook page. If you aren't a fan you should become one. You can keep updated on my day to day activities. It was fun posting pics live from class with my new iPhone. My camera still takes better photos and some are below. JoAnn taught a cute little 1/2 scale Shaker knife basket and a 6" Shaker quadrafoil woven with super fine splints.

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  1. Tony, as always, your pictures and blog are THE BEST. It's always a joy to teach at your place.
    Happy Weaving!