Saturday, December 31, 2011

Alice Ogden - Christmas Ornament 2011

I almost forgot to post about my 2011 Christmas ornament basket from Alice Ogden. I actually almost forgot to order mine this year too. I normally contact Alice right around Thanksgiving, but with the way the time flew by this year I didn't get my check in the mail until right before Christmas. Of course I wasn't too worried since I have my basket tree up in my work room all year round.

This year's basket is so cute. I don't think my photograph really shows how small and delicate the basket really is. At 2.5" in diameter by a bit over 1.5" tall with a hand carved heart shaped handle it is a real beauty.


  1. Awesome basket man! Did you make this or did Alice? Whomever...what an incredible talent to work this basket in such a small size! If I had attempted this, My fat fingers would have got in the way and I would have had to throw it across the room! LOL!

    Thanks for sharing. So amazing!


  2. It is one that Alice made. I have made ones about that size and they are challenging, but if you have good materials they aren't that bad. The trick though is really in the materials, since Alice produces all her own splint and carves her own handles she has the perfect materials to work with.