Sunday, February 26, 2012

Glass Domes

Three waxed linen baskets displayed under glass domes.
I love glass domes. They just seem to make anything you put under them look special. I have ones in all different sizes that I have picked up over the years. Usually the ones you find are round and probably had a clock under them at one time, but on the rare occasion you can find an oval, those are usually the old ones. Most of the domes I have are without a base. While that isn't necessary to use them, it does look nice and it makes it much easier to move them and the object inside. Now that I have my new wood lathe I have all the best intentions in the world to turn some myself. So far that hasn't happened, but I still have that on my "to-do" list. Another benefit of the glass domes is that they protect your objects from dust. Since my knotted baskets, like the ones in the photo, are made of waxed linen they do attract dust (an curious kitties) more than a splint basket which can just be dusted off. I need to find a really tall one for the last knotted basket I finished, though they seem to get exponentially more expensive as the size increases. I will keep looking though.


  1. The display is gorgeous. I love the oval dome.

  2. Doh! I've been looking for a way to display my waxed linen baskets. I never even thought if glass domes.

  3. i discover your blog with a great pleasure, thank you for sharing your works