Sunday, August 21, 2016

Handle Attached

via Instagram

Handle attached to my Nantucket basket. It is perfectly centered thanks to using my Handle Minder to mark the center of the rim. The handle is a tad bit longer than I would like, but it came predrilled. I would have had to wove the basket deeper, but I didn't realize the handle was to swing so far down the side of basket until the rim was already attached.

While this may not seem like a big accomplishment, I can't believe I got a basket finished that I wove while vending at the Missouri Basketweavers Guild Annual Convention. Normally I weave the bodies while demonstrating how to use my weaving stands and then the end up in a pile back home on my work table. I actually completely finished three baskets during the convention (I did still need to apply the polyurethane and wax, but I even got that done too.)

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