Thursday, September 15, 2016

Throw Back Thursday - Kwikies

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These are the "corn dogs" I grew up eating. I had no idea those horrible cornmeal caked things with mustard were what the world called a corn dog. These are Kwikies. They were originally from a place called Dairy Pride in Mexico, MO. I guess they might have been cornmeal based, but the coating was a thin layer of deep fried batter that was then dipped in sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. They also always came in one of those little red-plaid paper boats (I don't know what this paper towel tomfoolery is about). This was one of those places your dad would take you to eat.

Apparently you can get them again at the miniature golf course in town, but I have yet to remember to stop by to try them (the paper towel is still throwing me off).

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