Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Nantucket Angel Tree Topper

via Instagram

I have had the materials to make this Nantucket basket-style angel for years, but was intimidated I think to start it as the materials were rather expensive. This is my prototype and I hope to take what I learned on this one to make another. The wings were always a sticking point on making these and they proved to be as challenging as I expected. The color of the wings looked like it was going to match the face perfectly, but ended up being much lighter than I planned. I will definitely have to adjust the color next time.

The wings look really crooked in this photo. I don't think they are that bad in real life and on the top of a tree you would never even notice. As I said, the wings were the biggest challenge. If I ever do get around to making another one I will tweak them a bit.

I guess the final thing to do is to get a Christmas tree up!

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