Monday, April 3, 2017

Shaker Basket at the Standing the Test of Time Exhibit

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This is an interesting basket. When you think of Shakers, most people think of New England and black ash baskets, but the Shakers actually had communities across the US. This South Union, KY basket is classic Shaker in form. There are a few things that are atypical, but overall it screams "Shaker," from the proportions of the weavers to uprights, to sharply bent corners on the half round rims, to the profile of the handle it is Shaker. The thing that stands out sharply to its New England cousins is that instead of exclusively being woven of black ash, this is woven of white oak. This shouldn't be surprising, since white oak is THE basket tree of the Kentucky/Tennessee region whereas black ash is not to be found.

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