Thursday, October 25, 2018

Black and White Black Ash Basket

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I finally finished up this 9” diam. black ash basket that I started back in April. It was started in a mold than woven free-form for the last half. It features a quadrafoil pattern in the base as well as a rim of quadrafoil. I wasn't initially expecting to make the basket this tall, but after weaving up the base and pinning it to the mold I realized I had a lot of upright length if I wanted to play with it. Fortunately I did a pretty good job of centering my uprights otherwise I would have been screwed. As it was I used up every last bit of my stave/upright length. I literally had 1/16" left on a couple of them by the time I had the rim row woven in. I probably ended at a good point as there was just enough room left in between the uprights to fit my lasher through. If I had gone smaller at the rim I would have had to lash with waxed linen or found a narrower lasher.

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