Monday, December 31, 2018

Best Nine of 2018

via Instagram

So these are my nine most liked Instagram photos of 2018. The funny thing is that seven out of the nine were all things I either did or posted in the first three months of the year. Three of them are also Throw Back Thursday photos, so things I did years ago. I Guess I better step it throughout all of 2019.

I guess I should identify all of the images. Starting from the upper left hand corner:
  1. This was my most liked post and was a video of the moment of truth when I took apart the puzzle mold I had made. There was a possibility that the mold wouldn't release from the basket if I hadn't made the pieces such that they would slide apart and out.
  2. The same basket, but in process.
  3. A nest of sorts of five different sized Shaker quadrafoil tubs I have made over the years. The largest (9" diam.) was made in one of the first classes I made with Martha Wetherbee.
  4. This was a flash back photo to an exhibit I did back in 2011. (I have another exhibit in the space running right now featuring many of the miniature baskets I have made)
  5. This was one of the recent photos that made the list. This is Alice Ogden's 2018 Christmas ornament basket.
  6. This is a ribbed melon basket I was making as a sample in preparation for my first time teaching at the John C. Campbell Folk School.
  7. These are two baskets in my collection. I was lamenting the fact that I was running out of display room so had to stack them. The top basket is from Aaron Yakim and the bottom basket is from his partner, Cynthia Taylor, both white oak basketmakers from West Virginia.
  8. Another of my throwback photos, this time from a Martha Wetherbee class where I make a 16" diameter Nantucket basket.
  9. And finally yet another throwback photo to a basket I made for my father for Christmas.

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