Sunday, July 28, 2019

A good day’s work

via Instagram

A good day’s work. Now that all of the ribs are in it will just be weaving, weaving and more weaving.

While I used to almost exclusively make ribbed baskets, I really hadn't made any in the last 15 years as I was focused on Shaker- and Nantucket-style baskets. In preparation for my week-long class last year at the John C. Campbell Folk School I had to make new samples of the projects we would be doing. This totally rekindled my love of making ribbed baskets and I have really enjoyed getting back into that form.

I am very excited with how this rectangular ribbed basket is turning out.


  1. Tony, what are you using for ribs in this basket? Looks like flat oval, not round. That would give a flatter inside surface - good idea. Just this summer I decided to try to figure out rib baskets. Made one years ago, did not enjoy it, but this time it's going a little better.

    1. The ribs are oval oval. It is a flattened round. You can buy it in 1/4" and 3/16" I think. I normally use 1/4", as I did here.