Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stateline Friends Weaving Retreat

Last week was the fabulous Stateline Friends Weaving Retreat in Richmond, IN. This was my second year having a vending booth there. While I didn't sell as much as I wanted I had a great time and got a lot of weaving done. I will have to post some photos of the baskets later (when I complete them!). I don't sell a lot of different items. They are just some of the specialty tools that I use that are either hard to find or that I make myself.
I brought with me, hand stamped cards, basketmaker's oil, padded aluminum push pins, miniature cable ties (the smallest you will ever see), MoldBand (a great alternative to rubber bands for holding down staves to a mold), Handle Minders (a special tool I created to help with perfect handle placement on a Nantucket or other baskets), basket easels, glass display domes and risers, and some new hand stamped tile coasters. Of course I also featured my special floor weaving stands.
This year was the largest group they have had at the retreat with I think about 350 weavers and a couple dozen vendors, teachers and volunteers. This was only their fifth year and they just do an incredible job of running the event. I am already looking forward to next year and may even apply to teach a class (Eeeek, I am scared!).
All the classes are held in one large open room with the vendors lining the outside walls. As a vendor it is great as I get to see everything that is going on and get to see all the great baskets as they are woven. Fred Kohler had his work table set up next to me and we had a great time chatting and discussing Nantucket baskets. I also got to visit with many other weaving buddies during the 3-day event.

Now back to finishing those baskets!

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