Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Level Two

So as soon as I made the first level of the stamp carousel I knew that I was going to need a second one. Originally I thought the second tier would be smaller, but unfortunately making it any smaller dropped the number of spaces down significantly. I figured it was better to give myself room to grow, so I made this new one the same diameter as the base. Now I have room for 24 blending tools. I have 20 right now, though all haven't been assigned a color.

I also added a loop on the top so that I could spin it easier and for carrying. I want a bit more decorative knob, but this was the best I could find at Home Depot and I was impatient to get it completed. Right now the piece is just oiled, but I will probably add a coat or two of finish to seal it and bring out the beauty of the wood.


  1. Hey, Tony you should really teach a time management course. We are sitting here at one in the morning surfing the web and said "let's say hi to Tony" and we find all the projects that you have completed. We must not utilize our time well. Love the cat shots. Eric and Lynne