Sunday, January 29, 2012

Photo Setup

So I was getting tired of my very large and cumbersome photo lighting setup so I built something more compact. I will post a more complete description in upcoming posts.

My old setup.
My new table-top version.


  1. That is a great setup! I will have to show Eric. He has a similar setup to your old one. And we have such a small space, your new layout would really help!

  2. I tweeted your new table-top setup.

  3. I hope to get my post written this weekend on how I built them. I need to take some more photos to get my camera settings all down. The first set I took were just on "auto", but I did have to do a touch of color correcting to make the background 100% white. If I had a sweep like the one you use I would probably not even notice the baskets were a touch warm.

    Thanks for the tweet. I have yet to get into Twitter...