Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eric Taylor's Cottage Purse

This is one of the basket we will be making in St. Louis this July with Eric Taylor. The Cottage Purse has a unique handle style and lid attachment and while it has a lot of steps Eric is such a great teacher that he breaks down each each part so that it is a breeze. His wife, Lynne, has a great blog – The Basketmaker's Wife – that you ought to be following, and she documented the process of attaching the rims, handle and lid to this beautiful baskets.
If you are interested in making this basket or two others with Eric, check out all the information about the workshop I will be hosting.


  1. Hi Tony: Thanks again! Eric just saw you post via Facebook, and then said to me "Why didn't you post the final purse images like Tony did?" Oy! Tony, you're always getting me in trouble... LOL!

    1. Sorry about it. I need to send you copies of the class photos. Because I am so anal retentive I wanted all the backgrounds to match, so my photographer at work tweaked them in Photoshop for me.

    2. FYI - Today's post mentioned your upcoming workshop with Eric and I used your photos and linked to your blog.

    3. Yes, I saw. Very cool. Actually those are your photos, I just did some Photoshop work on them to adjust the backgrounds.