Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012 Alice Ogden Christmas Ornament

2012 Alice Ogden Christmas Ornament Basket

I present Alice Ogden's 2012 Christmas ornament basket. It is now proudly hanging with the rest of my mini baskets on my basket tree. This one is an "onion" or "garlic" baskets woven in a Shaker "cheese weave".


  1. Love it! Toni I've made a couple of the Shaker cheese baskets but never considered making them into an ornament. Very delicate and sweet.
    Merry Christmas~Nancy

  2. Hi Tony! Love it! But where's the photos of your tree? I've been waiting...

    1. That's because I haven't finished decorating it yet! I host an after the holidays holiday party so usually don't have time to get the tree finished until after Christmas. It's not an ideal plan...