Monday, August 13, 2018

Triple Diamond Wine Totes

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Finally unboxed the studio light kit I bought over a year ago. I need to play around some more with my camera and light position, but for the first try I am pretty happy. Here are my Triple Diamond Wine Totes, regular and junior version. Both made in classes with Eric Taylor.

The full-sized version was the first basket I think I wove with Eric. Like all of Eric's designs, it is woven of black ash staves and weavers, but this one features an oak base, handle and rim. The new(ish) Junior version features Eric's usual cherry base, handle and rim.

These two baskets give a good example of how the black ash ages over time. The full-size basket is starting to get a nice warm patina to the splint. At the time it was woven it was just as light as the smaller Junior version.

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